What is an Educational Success Consultation?

Principal Jeremiah Schmiege

Principal Jeremiah Schmiege

An Educational Success Consultation is an opportunity for you to sit down with our principal, Jeremiah Schmiege, and discuss what matters most to you about your child's education. At Sola Fide, we want to empower and engage parents. You know your child better than anyone. You know what they need.

This is a chance for you to drive the conversation. We want to listen and understand. When parents and schools are on the same page about what matters, students are the biggest beneficiaries.

If you aren't sure what to talk about, Mr. Schmiege would be happy to discuss a variety of topics, like specific educational needs, academic preparation, Christian character development, planning for future choices, success in college, and life-long learning. We encourage both parents to attend so that we can really dig in to what matters.

Please call our school office at 770-972-1771 to schedule an appointment.