Gospel every day. Jesus every moment. 

Sola Fide shares the Gospel with students and families on a daily basis. We wouldn't have it any other way. To truly grow in wisdom and understanding of the world around them, your child needs a firm Biblical foundation. Each day of the week, our students participate in classes that teach Bible lessons, Christian doctrine, and active faith in a faithless world. 

We ask our students to memorize Bible passages and Christian songs so that they are always prepared for what life sends their way. We encourage regular reading of Scripture and make sure that students know that daily use of the Bible is not just normal, but necessary. 

We are proud of how we teach the Bible daily. It is fundamental. But we also make Biblical living a part of our school day. We encourage our students to do their best in all things out of thanks to God. When students misbehave or experience failure, our teachers use words of forgiveness and comfort. We make Christ a part of everything we do so that your child takes that same mentality out into the world.