Student Success

What does student success look like? What does it mean for a student to be prepared for the extraordinary times in which we live? By the time our students leave our halls, they need to be ready to navigate a flood of information. They need to be ready to wade in and find what's true, what matters, who they can trust, and how to make good decisions.

This all means that a Sola Fide graduate knows himself well. He knows his strengths and weaknesses. He knows that his value is fixed in the eyes of his Heavenly Father because he has been bought by Christ. He has a self-awareness that helps him know how to filter out the world's noise and distraction. He knows how to dig in and solve a problem. He knows when to ask for help. Most of all, he knows that his biggest problem, being right with God, has already been solved by his Savior.

Because of what our Savior has done, our students live lives of thanks. They know what self-control means and have practiced putting it into action. They know what faithfulness means because they have practiced it in their daily work and witnessed it in the dedication of their pastors and teachers.

The Sola Fide graduate is also set up for academic success. She has had opportunities to push herself in math, music, science, communication, and problem solving. She has a broad base of knowledge and knows not just what she has learned, but also how to learn more. She also knows how to address a topic on a deeper level so that she can form and validate opinions about the world around her. 

Sola Fide students know their Savior, know themselves, and know how to navigate the relationships and information that they will encounter. They are ready, for today, and for eternity.